Big Canoe Orillia

Custom-Built Birch Bark Canoes

Designed and sculpted by hand, using traditional methods and tool.
10-foot long Solo canoes
12-foot “Trapper canoes.”
and large “Voyageur canoes”
Canoes of other lengths, by request.

Built and modified to suit the body size, weight, and number of paddlers.

Birch Bark Canoe Album
Some pictures of canoes, both under construction and after completion. Click an image for a larger view.

The view from the camp site where the canoes are built.


A 10-foot river canoe.


Built for speed, weighing only 18 pounds (8 kilograms)


A 12-foot canoe nearly finished.


Inside the 12-foot birch bark canoe

On the dock after paddling from the camp site.


The first time floating a new 12-foot birch bark canoe.